Case Study: Professional Orchestra Player

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Gross Revenue Time Series

Below are the overall gross income numbers for 2001-2011 for Professional Orchestra Player. For more detail year by year (2007-2011), including definitions for each category, visit the appendix.

The artist completed his undergraduate work in 2003, and received his conservatory graduate degree in 2005. While in school (2000 – 2005), the majority of his income came from freelance performances with a variety of ensembles and regional orchestras. He also participated in – and won – a number of performance competitions, netting him some prize money. He also earned a bit of money from teaching. In 2004, he retained his first salaried position; a summer-long placement with a regional orchestra. He repeated that work in the summer of 2005 with the same company.

Until he began winning salaried seats in orchestras, the Artist cobbled together a living from a combination of freelance work, prize money from solo competitions, and teaching.
In 2006, he began his first full-time position with a major orchestra. From 2007 on, the artist’s income begins to shift towards that of a professional orchestra player; a salaried position that is supplemented by freelance gigs, studio work, and teaching. The marked change in his income in 2010 reflects his current position in one of the top orchestras in the USA.

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About the Case Studies

Graphs do not have a Y-axis dollar value in order to observe the conditions of our privacy policy. In addition, graphs and visuals in case studies are not comparable within or between case studies. For more details about this, read about our financial case study protocol.

Information detailed in case studies is based on data received directly from the artist or their authorized representative. The data analysis and lessons learned here are based on individual experience, and do not necessarily reflect the experiences of all musicians in genre or roles.

Case studies are one of three ways this project is looking at music creator income.

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