Case Study: Jazz Bandleader-Composer

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Performance Income by Territory
44% of Jazz Bandleader’s performance income is earned outside the US.

This chart illustrates Jazz Bandleader’s gross performance fee income for 2006-2011. Performance fees include fees received for appearing on radio programs in the US, UK, and Europe. His US engagements remain relatively stable at 56-64% of his activity each year, though his activity increased sharply in 2010 and 2011. His European income tripled in 2010 and stayed at that level in 2011. This is due to an increase in the number of shows. See below for details on the increase on the number of shows played in this time period.

CD Sales on the Road by Territory

Here is a detailed view of the gross CD sales on the road. Jazz Bandleader only sells CDs of his own ensembles’ releases when he travels. He sold approximately the same dollar amount of CDs at shows in the United States from year to year, with an uptick in 2009 and 2010. His European CD sales are robust, but fluctuate from year to year, depending on whether he sells the merchandise himself after a show. (Sometimes the venue will contract a third party to sell merchandise. In those cases, Jazz Bandleader does not receive “CD Sales on the Road” income from that particular show, even if there were CDs sold at the concert). He sold no merchandise at shows in Canada.

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About the Case Studies

Graphs do not have a Y-axis dollar value in order to observe the conditions of our privacy policy. In addition, graphs and visuals in case studies are not comparable within or between case studies. For more details about this, read about our financial case study protocol.

Information detailed in case studies is based on data received directly from the artist or their authorized representative. The data analysis and lessons learned here are based on individual experience, and do not necessarily reflect the experiences of all musicians in genre or roles.

Case studies are one of three ways this project is looking at music creator income.

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