Case Study: Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

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Gross Revenue Time Series

This section reviews the overall gross revenue numbers for 2002-2010 for the Contemporary Chamber Ensemble. For more detail year by year, including definitions for each category, visit the appendix.

The ensemble signed with professional management in 2004, who took over tour booking and management role, and you see an immediate result the following year.

Like many in the classical field, live performance fees makes up the overwhelming majority of the ensemble’s income.
In the period 2002-2010, nearly all of the Ensemble’s income (95.4%) comes from live performance fees, with 2.4% attributed to selling CDs on tour. Starting in 2005, the Ensemble began a relationship with a large independent label and released five records from 2005–2010. Record royalties total just 0.1% of their income during this period, while recording fees for appearing as a guest ensemble on someone else’s record account for 0.4%. In 2010, the Ensemble began formally coaching student chamber music ensembles in an educational partnership with a conservatory, and the teaching income from that year comes from that partnership.

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About the Case Studies

Graphs do not have a Y-axis dollar value in order to observe the conditions of our privacy policy. In addition, graphs and visuals in case studies are not comparable within or between case studies. For more details about this, read about our financial case study protocol.

Information detailed in case studies is based on data received directly from the artist or their authorized representative. The data analysis and lessons learned here are based on individual experience, and do not necessarily reflect the experiences of all musicians in genre or roles.

Case studies are one of three ways this project is looking at music creator income.

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