Case Study: Jazz Sideman-Bandleader

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Gross Income by Role

Below are illustrations of Jazz Sideman-Bandleader’s income by role, from 2004-2010.

By isolating his income by role, we can see how his activity in each role is sometimes determined by his available time. For example, more bandleader time means fewer sideman opportunities. Each role impacts the other.
His composer and bandleader gross income has been steadily growing. The increase in the bandleader role gross income suggests an increased time commitment to his own projects – more time on the road as a leader.

His sideman role provides the most consistent income. Gross income went gone down a little in 2009 and 2010, reflecting that he has less time to play for other bandleaders because of the increased time investment in his own projects.

His teaching and adminstrator roles fill in the gaps. When he has a lighter schedule, or if the opportunity is particularly lucrative and he can make the time, he will say yes to teaching and administrative opportunities.

The Jazz Sideman-Bandleader actively pursues opportunities as a bandleader, has long term collaborations as a sideman, and lets the other roles and relationships fill in as his remaining time allows (or as his income needs require).

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About the Case Studies

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Case studies are one of three ways this project is looking at music creator income.

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