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Revenue allocation by genre

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The Artist Revenue Streams Data Set

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With over 5,300 musicians completing the Money from Music Survey, FMC has collected hundreds of thousands of data points about the lives and earnings of US-based musicians and composers. The result is a robust and nuanced data set that can be filtered by genre, roles, age, location, experience, support, and many other factors.

If the survey data set tells us WHAT is happening with U.S.-based musicians, the interviews conducted help us to understand WHY, and the financial case study portraits explain the HOW. The Artist Revenue Streams team has been using our qualitative interviews and case studies as a guide as we sort through all of the survey data points and publish over 20 data memos and case studies to date.

Below are some of the interesting observations from previously published data memos that give a sense of the breadth and depth … Read More »

Testing out Datawrapper

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