Denver Music Summit

A few links for Denver Music Summit attendees, November 22-23, 2013

1. About the Artist Revenue Streams project

  1. why we did it
  2. research questions
  3. methodology
  4. population of study

2. 42 Revenue Streams

A list of all the potential revenue streams for US-based musicians, performers and composers based on the contours of copyright law and business practice.

3. 42 Streams: existing, expanded and new

The same list, but reorganized to identify revenue streams that have expanded – or been newly created – in the past 15 years.

4. Five Financial Case Studies

As part of this project, a handful of full-time musicians granted us access to their musician-related financial records. Our case studies illustrate each musicians’ income and expenses year-by-year.
Indie rock composer/performer | Contemporary chamber ensemble | Jazz bandleader | Jazz sideman | Professional orchestra player


Here are the additional pie charts we displayed at the Summit.

Denver Music Summit: musicians’ revenue pies from tsunamismr

5. What does your pie chart look like?

Fill out this form by November 30, 2013 to get your own customized music income pie chart.

6. Artist Revenue Streams data memos

We have a huge amount of qualitative and quantitative data that we have collected through interviews, a large-scale survey, and financial case studies.  Instead of issuing one enormous report, we have been examining the data through various lenses. See the list of reports here.

7. FMC resources and materials

FMC’s Digital Distribution sheet
A diagram designed for musicians to help them understand how to get their music into various platforms and services.

FMC’s New Business Models spreadsheet
Google spreadsheet that shows if/how/how much songwriters, performers, record labels and publishers are paid when their music is used/performed on a variety of new digital platforms.

FMC’s Music and Money Quizzes
Ranging from “easy” to “expert”, these multiple choice quizzes are a fun way to test musicians’ knowledge of common uses of copyrights and sound recordings.

FMC’s Music and How the Money Flows
These infographics illustrate how the money moves to performers, songwriters, record labels and publishers when music is digitally sold, webcast, or streamed via on-demand services.

8. Organizations

For composers/songwriters (pick one): ASCAP | BMI | SESAC

For publishers: Harry Fox Agency

For recording artists: SoundExchange | AARC

For background musicians: AFM+SAG-AFTRA Fund | Film Musicians’ Secondary Markets FundSound Recording Special Payments Fund

Health insurance information: Artists and the Affordable Care Act | FMC’s HINT program


9. About us

Future of Music Coalition