FAQ about the Project

Below are the answers to some commonly-asked questions about the project’s goals, methods, and outcomes. Click on the [+] sign for details.

What is the Future of Music Coalition?
Why did you conduct the Artist Revenue Streams research?
Who is on the research team?
Who funded this project?
How did you gather data?
What was your definition of “musician”?
How many musicians did you gather data from?
Does your population of study include professional musicians?
Is the survey a representative sample?
Why did you limit this research to US-based musicians?
What revenue streams and sources of income were you tracking?
How did you ask questions about music-related income?
Do you ever present these findings publicly?
Can I talk to someone on your research team about your work for my article/radio show/class?
Spoiler title
Is it possible to replicate this research in a different country/constituency group/membership?
Do you have plans to conduct this research again?