Financial Case Studies

The financial case study profiles are one of three ways we are looking at artist revenue in this project. Our first round of case study profiles – released in March 2012 – includes:

In March 2014 we released a sixth case study:

Drawing from 4 to 12 years of accounting data provided by the artists, each case study graphs and explains the musician-based sources of income over time. The reports also include annual revenue pies, and a look at income versus expenses and net profit over time. Some case studies also include more detailed breakdowns, such as PRO royalties by territory, or session work by bandleader.

Why Case Studies are Valuable

Using data compiled from individual artists’ tax returns, Quicken files and PRO royalty statements, these case studies offer an unprecedented look at real musicians’ and composers income and expenses. For some musicians, there are just a handful of core revenue streams. Others are juggling live performances, recordings and session work, with a bit of composing money here, and some CD sales there, and the cost of doing business. These case studies underscore the diversity of the American musical landscape, and what musicians do, routinely, to make it work.

Read the Executive Summary or any of the above case studies to learn more.