Data Memos and Reports

We have a huge amount of qualitative and quantitative data that we have collected through interviews, a large-scale survey, and financial case studies. Instead of issuing one enormous report, we have been examining the data through various lenses:

Topline survey respondent characteristics

Specific revenue sources

By genre

By demographic characteristics

By external factors and support structures

Special series


Six Financial Case Studies
As part of this project, a handful of full-time musicians granted us access to their musician-related financial records. Our case studies illustrate each musicians’ income and expenses year-by-year.


Some additional writing about challenges of doing research on this population


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Additional resources
42 Streams: Existing, Expanded, NewThe same list, but reorganized to identify revenue streams that have expanded – or been newly created – in the past 15 years. Read more
42 Revenue Streams A list of all the potential revenue streams for US-based musicians, performers and composers based on the contours of copyright law and business practice. Read more


FMC’s Digital Distribution A diagram designed for musicians to help them understand how to get their music into various platforms and services. Read more
FMC’s New Business Models Google spreadsheet that shows if/how/how much songwriters, performers, record labels and publishers are paid when their music is used/performed on a variety of new digital platforms. Read more


Music and How the Money Flows An infographic that illustrates how the money flows back to musicians and songwriters when their music is downloaded, webcast or streamed. Read more
Music and Money Quizzes A quiz about the copyright laws, licenses and agreements that frequently determine who gets paid, and how much. Take one of these quizzes and see how you measure up! Read more

Revenue allocation by genre

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The Artist Revenue Streams Data Set

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With over 5,300 musicians completing the Money from Music Survey, FMC has collected hundreds of thousands of data points about the lives and earnings of US-based musicians and composers. The result is a robust and nuanced data set that can be filtered by genre, roles, age, location, experience, support, and many other factors.

If the survey data set tells us WHAT is happening with U.S.-based musicians, the interviews conducted help us to understand WHY, and the financial case study portraits explain the HOW. The Artist Revenue Streams team has been using our qualitative interviews and case studies as a guide as we sort through all of the survey data points and publish over 20 data memos and case studies to date.

Below are some of the interesting observations from previously published data memos that give a sense of the breadth and depth … Read More »

Testing out Datawrapper

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