For Other Researchers

Thank you so much for your interest in our project.  Our team is focused on analyzing and releasing the data we have collected in dozens of reports.  We are happy to share our released work with you, and you are welcome to quote our work and republish our charts.  We only ask that you attribute the work to “FMC Artist Revenue Streams Project” and link back to so others who are interested in the data can learn more about this work.

If you are looking for specific data and do not see it here feel free to get in touch and let us know what you are looking for.  Similarly, if you want to align your research project with ours, let us know as were are able to share many of the materials and protocol documents that guided this work.

While we will try and accommodate any requests that are in line with the analyses we already have planned, most specific data requests will have to wait until after we have completed our own release schedule. We are aware that there are not many sources of data about artist income.  Below are some links that we have found useful.  Maybe these can help you as well.

The US Census American Community Survey
Search tables for the occupation Musicians, singers, and related workers 2750 (SOC 27-2040)

Bureau of Labor Statistics –
“Occupational Employment and Wages: Musicians and Singers” (2010)

Research Center for Arts and Culture –
“Taking Note: A Study of Composers and New Music Activity in the US” (2009)

Research Center for Arts and Culture –
“Changing the Beat: A Study of the Worklife of Jazz Musicians” (2003)

National Endowment for the Arts –Artists and Arts Workers in the United States (2011)