Money from Music Survey Questions

The survey paths in development, posted on Kristin’s dining room wall, June 2011

This 80 page PDF includes the entire Money from Music question set, which was administered via Survey Monkey from September 6 – October 28, 2011.

Because the music industry is so complex, this survey was thorough. However, we took a number of steps to make it as easy as possible for musicians and composers to participate.

Skip logic

The survey used a significant amount of skip logic, which allowed respondents to skip past questions that were not relevant to them.  All if/then directions and skip logic are noted in the PDF using Acrobat commenting tools.

Multiple paths

Survey respondents were also offered three paths through the survey.

All respondents saw questions 1 – 17. After Q17, they were given one of three optoins:

1. Short: Respondents answered critical revenue questions, then were skipped to Q192 for some “big picture” questions.

2. Medium:  After Q17, respondents were presented with questions related to their primary role as a musician, whether that was being a (1) composer/songwriter, (2) recording artist, (3) performer (including salaried player), (4) session player or (5) teacher, then to Q192 for some “big picture” questions.

3. Long: After Q17, respondents were presented with questions related to each role they played as a musician, then were reunited with other survey takers at Q192 for the “big picture” questions at the end.

The PDF gives the false impression that we asked many questions twice. Rest assured, this is just because you’re seeing it on paper, which cannot convey the skip logic. Medium path people saw questions once, and long path people saw questions once. We had to build it this way to deal with the limitations of Survey Monkey’s survey building tools.

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