Number of roles by allocation of income

Posted on May 4th, 2011 by Kristin Thomson in Role, Survey demographics. Comments Off on Number of roles by allocation of income

On the survey, respondents were asked to allocate their music-related income from the previous 12 months among eight possible buckets:

  1. income from composing/songwriting
  2. income from sound recordings
  3. income from live performance/shows/gigs
  4. income from being a salaried player
  5. income from doing session work/freelance work
  6. income from their knowledge of the craft: teaching, lectures
  7. income from their brand: merchandise, persona licensing, acting
  8. other

The chart above shows how many categories respondents allocated their music-related income. More than half of the respondents allocated their music related income into three or more buckets.

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