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Survey Methods

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Below is an excerpt of a paper[Note 1] by Peter DiCola that describes the methodology and data of the Artist Revenue Streams project’s Money from Music Survey.

Survey Methods

The Money from Music Survey is part of the larger Artist Revenue Streams Project. The project includes three main parts: (1) qualitative interviews with dozens of musicians about the ways they generate revenue from music; (2) even more detailed case studies in which several musicians allowed a member of our team to have access to their financial and accounting records from recent years; and (3) this Internet-based survey.[Note 2] Future of Music Coalition (“FMC”), which is a nonprofit education, research, and advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C., coordinated the Artist Revenue Streams Project.

More than 6,700 eligible musicians took at least part of the survey in September and October of 2011. A … Read More »

Jazz Musicians and Money from Music

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This data memo presents a snapshot of nearly 900 jazz musicians who participated in the Money from Music Survey in 2011, the first comprehensive assessment of jazz musicians in the US since “Changing the Beat.” After presenting basic demographic information, this memo provides data about jazz musician’s experience, income, and feelings about technology, and also compares the jazz population to survey takers from other genres. This memo also takes a closer look at the differences between jazz musicians who are members of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and those who are not, and the relationship that AFM membership has with income.

Are Musicians Benefiting from Music Tech?

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On Monday, February 13, 2012, FMC’s Kristin Thomson participated in the tenth San Fran MusicTech Summit in San Fransisco, CA.  Drawing upon Money from Music survey findings and artist interviews, we presented some data about the impact of music/technologies on musicians’ careers and their earning capacity.

We started the presentation by describing the project’s methodology. The research involves three data collection methods: in person interviews with about 80 different musicians and composers, financial case studies based on verifiable bookkeeping data, and a widely distributed online survey.

We also underscored that this study is not about label market share, or consumer spending, or measuring an artists’ social graph. It’s about individual musicians’ earning capacity. It’s about what they end up putting in their pocket, and how it’s changing over time.

Then we did a quick overview of the survey … Read More »

Why “I don’t know” is an acceptable answer

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As we roll out the results of our work, there’s sometimes a curious reaction to pie charts that include a significant number of musicians/composers who answered “I don’t know” to any given question. Take this one, for example:

Some think these are just disorganized musicians that aren’t on top of their game. But, after conducting many interviews, running nearly a dozen financial case studies, and testing this survey for months prior to launch, and thinking about it ourselves, we know that “I don’t know” is an acceptable answer, for at least three reasons: (1) a gap in respondent knowledge, (2) insufficient access to information or (3) a reflection of the intricacies of income transfer.

This is a complex world, full of new revenue streams with confusingly similar names. How many musicians know the difference between an interactive stream and a non-interactive … Read More »

Survey Snapshot

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The Money from Music survey was open from September 6 – October 28, 2011. The survey was built by project staff using SurveyMonkey’s premium level services.

The survey was open to all musicians, composers and performers aged 18 years or older who were US citizens or residents.

Here are some top-level statistics about the survey participants.

Maps of Survey Respondents

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Over 5,300 US-based musicians and composers completed our Money from Music survey, which was available online from September 6 – October 28, 2012.

Click through to see a variety of interactive map of the survey respondents by zipcode.