Musicians’ Teammates and their Effect on Earnings

Posted on April 17th, 2012 by Kristin Thomson in What We're Learning. 4 Comments

Other team members

No matter what role we’re talking about, there are three top level team members that creators often need, or have:

  • A manager, who plays traffic cop on ALL of the other elements
  • An attorney, to review contacts
  • An account, to deal with compensation and taxes

But that’s not all. If you’re a recording artist or performer, you might also need the services of:

  • A publicist: to help you promote new releases to radio or reviewers
  • A webmaster, to help you with your internet presence
  • A graphic designer, to help with packaging, t-shirt design, logos
  • A photographer
  • A videographer

And if you’re on tour a lot, you’ll probably have bandmates. You might also need:

  • a tour manager
  • a sound person
  • road crew

If you’re touring at a certain level, you might also need a lighting director, and a bus driver.

(Reminder: in this research we also studied salaried players, session players/freelancers and music teachers, and the money that musicians can make off their brand, but those were excluded from this lecture for brevity.)

Tsunami’s team members

To put this in perspective, we then showed the team composition for our own bands. Kristin was in a band in the 1990s called Tsunami. The band toured frequently and put out three full-lengths and dozens of singles, most of them self-released on our own label, Simple Machines.

Erin McKeown’s team members

Then, Erin McKeown described her team situation, which has fluctuated over the past ten years.

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